Flameout In Your Kitchen

Cooking is responsible for 42% of all home fires.
See the power of Flameout as it kills a kitchen
grease fire and outperforms a
dry chemical entinguisher. Watch the Video

The Fireplace

Fireplaces and wood stoves are the second
leading cause of home fires. Keep Flameout
nearby to protect your family. Buy Flameout Now

Flameout by the Grill

Grilling can quickly generate enough
grease to create a serious grease fire
Keep Flameout by the grill and
keep your friends and family safe. Buy Flameout Now

Flameout For Your Garage

With the average garage containing chemicals
gas, fertilizer and more, Flameout is a must
to handle any fire emergency. Buy Flameout Now

See Flameout in Action

A Safer Home with Flameout

A fire is reported every 86 seconds in the U.S. which results in billions in property losses, and more importantly, over 3000 deaths each year. Flameout takes your safety seriously and is designed to knock out fires permanently without all the dangerous chemicals in traditional Dry Chemical fire extinguishers.

Make Flameout your home fire extinguisher by placing one in every room. You'll have peace of mind and the confidence that you will be able to protect the ones you love.

Kitchen: Over 30% of all household fires start in the kitchen. Many of these fires could have been prevented by having the ability to neutralize the fuel source. Flameout is the ideal kitchen fire extinguisher. It provides you with the protection you need against grease fires by knocking them out cold and preventing re-ignition. With 17.6% of all deaths due to fire are children, parents will be glad to know that Flameout's patented formula is kid safe, and the unit easy to use. Please instruct your children in fire safety.

Fireplace According to the National Fire Protection Association there were 14,830 fireplace related fires WHEN?. Winter is the most dangerous season for home fires due to increased use of fireplaces and portable heating units. It's important that you have the ability get a fire under control quickly before it becomes a tragedy.

Laundry Rooms/ Clothes Dryer: Most families do not consider the laundry room a fire hazard. Yet, dryer fires account for 17 fire each day. Knowing that Flameout is non-corrosive that won't harm your expensive appliance's is just an added plus to its powerful firefighting capabilities.

Outdoor Grill: Fire and grease don't mix. While we all enjoy having family and friends over for a fun day of barbequing, it doesn't take long for all those burgers and steaks to generate enough grease to create a grill or deck fire. Flameout is fast, effective, and it's good to know the picnic won't be ruined because Flameout is right next to your grill. Flameout kills grease fires permanently.

Garage We all store lots of chemicals, machinery, gas cans, oil, fertilizer, and other combustible materials in our garage and fire safety is a must. Add in fumes, spark plugs and more and a fire can start quickly in this environment. When choosing your garage fire extinguisher choose Flameout. Flameout can handle class B, (fuel) fires, is extra insurance for your property, and loved ones. And, Flameout does more than just knock the fire out, it NUETRALIZES the fuel source keeping the fire out permanently!

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 100% Bio-Degradable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Toxic
  • Cleans up Easily
  • Kills Grease Fires Permanently
  • Stops Re-Ignition
  • Safe for the Family
  • Sprays Upside-Down
  • Portable